Prama Yudha Amdan, APF Executive Assistent President Director, said that the company has been producing and exporting this type of technical textile to Europe, Turkey, Korea and the United States. "So far we still produce by order, because the value is high also the level of product precision is also high," said Prama .

APF hopes, RnD cooperation with BPPT is able to refine and develop from already produced. Previously the company with POLY stock code has been producing this fiber and become a supplier of several leading automotive companies from Europe, the national airline industry and a number of world-renowned fashion brands.

Prama said textile specialty products have high profit margins. Domestic manufacturers also produce limited, according to APSYFI, the total import technical textile last year reached US $ 1.12 billion.

For this anti-fire fiber POLY production capacity is about 3% -5% of its total production capacity reaching 330,000 tons per year. Prama hopes that with this cooperation, APF can replace the technical textile import goods that are rampant today. "This is also part to encourage revitalization of the textile industry that will be initiated by the Ministry of Industry before," he concluded.