Ismail Abdullah has work experience in the chemical industry for 24 years and has global competencies for waste management, quality management and technology, supply chain, and safety and environmental protection.

Tour of Duty in a 35-year-old company in Purwakarta is expected to be able to make a positive contribution to Indonesia, especially from the Viscose fiber manufacturing sector, and also strengthen its commitment to environmental conservation in Indonesia.

"We express our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Christian Oberleitner for his dedication and professionalism as President Director in implementing global standards for Viscose fiber companies with work principles that prioritize compliance and good governance," said Widi Nugroho Sahib - Head of Corporate Affairs at PT. South Pacific Viscose, "accompanied by hope for Mr. Christian Oberleitner to be more successful in a new place."

"The presence of Mr. Ismail Abdullah will actively take a persuasive approach to sustainable Viscose fiber-based products," continued Widi Nugroho Sahib, "and will strengthen the commitment to protect the environment by complying with all Indonesian Government regulations related to environmental maintenance, so that the business can live and walk continuously too. "

South Pacific Viscose (SPV)

PT. South Pacific Viscose (SPV) is a company manufacturing wood-based cellulose fibers located in Purwakarta with an annual production capacity of 323,000 tons. SPV employs 1,750 employees and becomes economic multiple effect for 5,500 people around the factory.