After winning the 2018 Eco Village Award in the Independent Inspirational Eco Village category; The Cicadas village again showed a stretch of independence, today we inaugurated the Mandiri Waste Bank in Ciasem Village. At the beginning of last December we also officially opened the Mandiri Waste Bank in Ciroyom Village, "said PT SPV Head of Corporate Affairs, Widi Nugroho Sahib, to the media crew.

According to him, a number of activities in Cicadas Village were the company's commitment to create a mutual balance between the company and the Cicadas Village Government and its citizens.

"This is an effort that shows tangible results that CSR activities are not only donating money but can create a new paradigm through community empowerment activities to be more independent," Widi said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Mandiri Waste Bank Ciasem, Oding Sara Utama; said the activity of the economic empowerment institution of the residents of the Ciasem Mandiri Waste Bank involved hundreds of residents.

According to him, Mandiri Ciasem Waste Bank was established on January 27, 2018.

In addition to garbage from local residents, the institution also utilizes non-organic waste in the form of pallets and pine wood waste originating from PT. SPV. The waste is used as sodium packaging and machine box.

"For marketing, we use online and offline systems around Purwakarta, Bogor, Karawang, Subang and Bandung. Our products are in the form of various handicrafts, furniture, wall clocks, miniature vehicles from motorbike and bicycle cars, mobile phones, shop boxes, character decorative lights etc. Our sales turnover can reach Rp 3 million every month" Oding said.

Oding also said, in addition to residents' deposits in the form of garbage, the Ciasem Waste Bank also received alms from residents. This charity alms will later be used for the benefit of the citizens.

"In the meantime the gallery will be made in the RT 06 RW 03 area of ​​Ciasem Village, Cicadas Village. In the future we hope to open a gallery in the city center and attend exhibition events at various levels," Oding said.

At the same place, the Head of Cicadas Village, Sulaeman Purba was grateful for a harmonious partnership with the support of PT. SPV through CSR programs, in the form of BSM activities (Mandiri Waste Bank), quail cattle, handicrafts made from used palmer wood, and catfish livestock and others.

"With CSR from PT. SPV, Cicadas Village can create new jobs for residents and increase residents' income. Of course by increasing the economic empowerment of residents," said Kades.