Details of the calculations, the price of gas in gas wells $ 3 per mmbtu-US $ 3.5 per mmbtu, then when entering Liquifed Natural Gas (LNG) reached US $ 5.5 per mmbtu. Then the traveling cost is US $ 1 per mmbtu.

"Yes, ideally US $ 7 per mmbtu. Hopefully this year, because if not PLN later how, would BPP it eroded again? "Andi explained when met at the Office of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

He also said that this standardization has been received by ESDM Minister Ignatius Jonan, although no further discussion has been made. Clearly he wants with the pegged gas prices for electricity, the price of electricity for the community can go down. In fact, if the proposal was road and the price of electricity went down, it would give the electrified poor 25 by KwH.

"Minister (Ignatius Jonan) wants to be quick," Andi claims.

To realize this proposal, said Andi, his office will ask PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to immediately conduct bussines to bussines (B to B) to gas-producing companies or Contractor Cooperation Contracts (KKKS). But unfortunately he can not mention what kind of rules will be issued.

"We want to try it internally, then B to B first with KKKS let me faster. Actually the legal umbrella is based on the law, constitution, energy, electricity, "he said.

Andi added, for the KKKS who have been doing exploration activities for 30 years, should be able to sell gas prices cheaply. The reason, fixed assets within 30 years has paid off. At least, for now KKKS only cost whell maintenance or maintain wells.

He said, in natural resources management, if the gas wells have been exploited and reached the peak, that means just waiting for production to fall. That way, KKKS just choose whether to accelerate production decline or stay guarded.

At least, if the KKKS keep production, said Andi, there will be activities in the working area whose name is field drilling or in terms of suppressing the production that can be back up.

"That means that financed only the cost of his drilling field. No more paying for development costs. So gas prices do not need to be expensive, "said Andi.