Executive Member of the Indonesian Filament Yarn Fiber Producers Association (APSYFI) Prama Yudha Amdan said prolonged holiday followed by restrictions on ground transportation operations will jeopardize the production operations of Textile and Textile Industry (TPT) industries. The reason is, the company's production operations joined in association run for 24 hours every day with continuous supply of raw materials.


"If only the ports are opened, but land transportation is limited to the same. Because if the raw materials come can not be transported to the factory and factory production can not be transported to the port because the road is closed is meaningless, "he told.


It claimed to have sent a letter of proposal to the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) for fiber and yarn industry is given limited transportation permits special raw materials with the closure of not more than 36 hours. However, so far no response from Ministry of Tranportation.


According to Yudha, the prohibition of transportation for more than two days for the main raw material upstream industry of TPT (polyester and rayon) resulted in the production process must be stopped for one month. The 24-hour nature of the operation requires cleaning, maintenance, machine settings if the plant stops without material.


This condition impacts on the scarcity of main raw materials in the textile industry for one month after the holidays. Meanwhile, warehousing system is only able to accommodate raw materials for stock 3-4 days.


"If there is no raw materials certainly can not produce and can not export. Total textile exports averaged US $ 1 billion per month. So if half a month is lost, the loss is more or less that much, "he said.